Dakur Greystone

Dakur Greystone is a dwarf who resides in Waterdeep. Dakur.png

After meeting some of the orphans from the Galen Orphanage, Dakur enters into an agreement with them. He will help them find Pump Station 1 in exchange for them helping him to reclaim some of “his stuff” from the Underdark. He took the young adventurers into the sewers and led them down to the old dwarven portions of the sewer system. Eventually the group ended up in a Kuo-toa village where they battled many of the humanoid fish-monsters. After the battle, the orphans and Dakur explored a ziggurat located on the outskirts of the village, finding a beautiful magic hammer (which Dakur claimed as “his stuff”) and a dwarves healing pool that was being used as a hatchery by the Kuo-toa. While inside the ziggurat, the group was forced to battle a giant eel and another Kua-toa warrior. They were able to defeat both, but Dunnicugh was knocked unconscious and trapped under the giant eel. After a considerable amount of effort, the orphans and Dakur were able to free Dunnicugh and brought him into the healing pool.

In the middle of the pool, was a dwarven pillar. While clearing the pool of Kua-toa eggs, Ivina touched the pillar and vanished into thin air. The rest of the orphans followed Ivina by touching the pillar. Dakur considering abandoning them, but felt a sense of duty to follow them since he had not fulfilled his part of the bargain.

The pillar transported the group to a sacred grove. Hyacinth and were the first to awaken. Dunnicugh, a druid, realized that they were surrounded by Treants and felt almost as if they were judging him. He apologized to them in advance for his friends, concerned that when they were awakened they might offend the Treants somehow. He and Hyacinth then began awakening the rest of the group, though stopped before awakening Dakur. Dunnicugh took the war hammer away from Dakur, concerned that the dwarf was unstable, and considered giving it to Thurg, though Ivina, Alora, and Hyacinth were able to convince him that this would be a bad idea. When they woke Dakur, the first thing he demanded was to have his hammer back. Dunnicugh tried to lie about it being lost, but Dakur was not fooled. The two nearly came to blows, but Ivina returned the hammer to Dakur.

With the confrontation between Dakur and Dunnicugh averted, the group headed out from the grove, following Dunnicugh’s dog, Sheeba. Dakur, somewhat jokingly, decided that the dog must be the leader of the group and began asking Sheeba anytime there was a tactical decision to be made.

While traveling out of the forest, the group came across a clearing with a burning wagon in the middle. The wagon was part of a slave caravan and the slaves trapped in the cage had been burned alive. Dakur was the first to find the slaves and began digging a grave while Dunnicugh expressed surprise that Dakur would show any sympathy. Once the slaves were buried, Dakur accompanied the orphans as they tracked the slavers in the hopes of putting an end to their evil.

The orphans and Dakur found the orcs lodge. After a few small battles, the group snuck into the lodge to free the slaves. While Alora and Buck freed the slaves, Dunnicugh, Thurg, and Dakur entered a small room where they discovered a member of the Faceless and a large Orc. Fakir and the two orphans were able to defeat the Orc, but the Faceless cast a spell that caused Thurg to flee and then stunned Dakur. Dunnicugh cast a fireball spell and then fled, grabbing Alora (who was standing just outside the room and also stunned) and abandoning Dakur.

The orphans and the freed slaves quickly made their escape – with little thought of the dwarf’s fate – while Dakur was left with the Faceless. Tragically, Dakur was had his brain sucked out by the Faceless. His death leaves his clan with no heir and his mission to reclaim the Underdark unfulfilled.

Dakur Greystone

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