Donnchadha is a fierce warrior hearted halfling druid, whose love for the earth and his friends at the orphanage runs deep. Donnchadha.jpg Though he can be serious and book smart he maintains a healthy juvenile affinity for mischief. His best friend is Buck.

Orphaned at the age of ten after slavers killed his father, uncle, and younger brother and kidnapped his younger sister on the road between Almorel and Winterkeep, the young halfling Donnchadha wandered the Endless Wastes for nearly a year before he was happened upon by a traveling merchant named Finwe Anwarunya. Originally from Waterdeep, Finwe took charge of the young boy and determined that they would return to Waterdeep.

Sensing a deep rage within Donnchadha, the half-elf druid Finwe decided to introduce the boy to Druidism as a positive outlet. As the pair slowly worked their way back to Waterdeep across the Northern Road, Finwe introduced Donnchadha to druidism and helped instill in him the love for animals and nature that Donnchadha has continued to cultivate while in the orphanage.

Sadly, tragedy struck as the duo was loading their boat for the final leg of the journey to Waterdeep. Bandits descended upon the group and attacked Finwe who, mortally wounded in the fight, pushed young Donnchadha into the boat and shoved it into the river where it was propelled downstream by the current. Again, Donnchadha was forced to helplessly watch as another of his family was cut down.shiba.gif

Donnchadha lay motionless as the tide gently rocked the boat and stared at the sky. It was then that he resolved to never again be so helpless. He would devote himself to the study of Druidism and honing his skills as a fighter. When he was older and stronger he would set off to discover what became of his sister. That would be his mission.

His animal companion is named Shiba

Boudica.jpg Following a recent raid on a slaver cabin, Donnchadha has been reunited with his long lost sister Boudica. While he has spent numerous years contemplating her rescue, Donnchadha has given relatively little thought to what they would do once (or if) he rescued her. She has been residing with Donnchadha in the orphanage, however, Donnchadha is having trouble rectifying his intense anger and singular drive to discover her whereabouts now that she has been found. Donnchadha feels intensely responsible for her safety and desires to make sure that she never again has to endure such a tortuous experience but cannot begin to fathom living a peaceful life and allowing further injustices to occur when he knows that he can prevent them.


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