Ivina was left at the orphanage when she was 2. She has no recollection of her parents or other family, only of a place with a certain type of beautiful trees and kind of flower.
She has been dutiful in her work at the orphanage and was very close to Mary, the Abbott’s sister. She loved to help with medicine though she wasn’t as good at it as she’d like. One day in the street she was met by a mysterious figure who claimed to be injured and wanted her to steal him some supplies. She managed to lift bandages, ointment and a bit of alcohol very easily from the nurse house at the orphanage and the man asked if she could help him again in the future.
This is how she ended up being recruited by a master spy of Waterdeep who calls himself Marius. He gives her an odd job now and then to go places he can not. She has stolen papers from government offices, reported information on the Lords of Waterdeep, delivered cryptic messages to one or two of Marius’ other employees, stolen money, spied on meetings of important/dangerous people. Marius taught her all the skills she needed to do this, which she had a high aptitude for.
At first (when she was 8) she thought she was doing something important, but started to get more and more disenchanted by the locations and people she would eavesdrop on, realizing the world was a shallow, conniving, and harsh place. Through this lens she has seen the world for the past 6 years, turning her from a tender hearted girl to a jaded youth, who knows that nothing is free and that everyone has an agenda——- including Marius. She doesn’t trust him as much as she used to, since an incident about 5 months ago, when he left her behind on a job they did together because things got hot.
Part of the reason she has decided to opt to train for a government/office/bureaucratic position after graduating from the orphanage is because she feels like she is being forced into a life of shady dealings / criminal activity , because it’s what she’s good at. On the occasion she’s seen the good and honorable from nobles and government officials it impresses her quite a lot. She grows resentful of the fact she’s skilled at unscrupulous behavior but as a balance, is seeking a way to use these “sneaky” skills to bring changes for the better.
She loves her friends at the orphanage. They are the only family she’s known so she feels a little sad to think that once she graduates from the orphanage she will not be around them all the time anymore.

Her fear is that her parents left her because she was unwanted and ugly/a burden/good for nothing/………….or cursed.

Some of her favorite things include—
Food: Potato noodles
Color: Green
Entertainment: Gladiator fighting, and watching magicians in the market square, and sparring with anyone that wants to.

Mannerisms: Suspicious. Holds hands unusually still when talking.

Appearance: She is very pale for a halfling, and slightly taller. Whiteish blonde hair and hazel eyes, that Ivina_mark.jpgmake her wonder if she’s only part halfling. A distinctive mark, not super obvious to others (but which can be seen slightly extending abover her collar) is what looks like a birthmark. It is very large, extending from her neck down her back, taking up 45% of her back.


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