Myst.png Myst is a young elf who was apprenticed to the assassin Erim (Halem’s father) and now serves as a guide, partner, and (from his point of view) antagonizer of Halem. Before Halem left Waterdeep she was a cute little elf, but upon his return he sees that she has become quite beautiful. He feels a brotherly desire to protect her virtue, but as he has gotten to know her, he’s not sure she needs his help and also wonders if there’s much virtue left to protect anyway.

Halem first encountered her shortly after he and his friends had defeated the drow and restored Ibrandul, an adventure which resulted in Halem being killed and then resurrected in his father’s body. Halem was unsure of what to do with Myst and used her to gain some information on his father’s life. Since he was leaving Waterdeep, Halem decided to tell Myst the truth and promised to help train her when he returned. She had been with Erim too long, however, to take anything said at face value.

Five years later, Halem returned to Waterdeep and reconnected with Myst. They trained together in the evenings and Halem thought things were going well, however he soon learned that Myst still thought that he was Erim and when she finally learned the truth she attacked him as a test of his identity (Erim would easily have avoided her dagger). Halem fought her off and the two came to an uneasy agreement to work together. Myst knows far more about Erim than Halem does and he frequently needs to go to her for information. She often finds his lack of knowledge humorous and routinely mocks him over his questions, though she still gives him the information eventually.

Halem suspects that there is a good chance Myst will betray him the moment she sees an advantage in doing so.


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