On a dreary day in late fall, a band of Orcs came upon a small farm outside of Ardeep Forest. This farm was the home of Mathias, his wife Julia and their children Ethel, Mary and Jamie. The Orcs raided the farm, took everything not nailed down and burnt the rest. A scouting party that was tracking the band came upon the scene. Mathias was dead, Julia was near death and the rest were gone. They were able to barely save Julia’s life and as it turned out, she was pregnant. She died giving birth to a half-orc son and the cleric assisting named him Thurg.

He was taken to Waterdeep and placed in one of the many orphanages. As he grew, his monstrous strength was as apparent as his quick temper. Thurg was picked on by the other children for his ugliness, but as he grew, the children learned that he would not tolerate their bullying. Other children at the orphanage were picked on as well and it seemed that Thurg tolerated that less than his own bullying. He took to guarding the orphans that he liked from the ones that he did not, which there were many.

Older boys did not take kindly to Thurg’s interference with their fun and several lured him outside of the orphanage to teach him a lesson. A grizzled Sargent-at-Arms named Steffan came upon the scene: two boys were on the ground, one with a broken arm and the other clutching his side, one was holding Thurg, but had a broken nose and one more was hitting Thurg. Steffan broke up the fight, but was impressed with Thurg’s tenacity in the face of greater numbers. From that day forward, Steffan decided to look after Thurg and teach him how to fight and survive.

Thurg, like many half-orcs is stuck between two worlds. He is stronger than most humans, but not generally accepted by them. He hates orcs with a passion, and will have nothing to do with them. His demeanor is one of general acceptance, unless someone hurts his friends(or as he considers them, his weaker pack-mates) at which point the gods help them.

One day, Thurg hopes to find the remnants of the family he never knew. The scouts were never able to catch those orcs that raided the farm. They suspect that the leader, Brugo Two-Eyes(he lost one eye, but replaced it with a stone that some think is enchanted), is most likely Thurg’s father. Thurg wants to some day find him and take his revenge. Hopefully in doing this he may find out what happened to his half-siblings and also find peace.

Thurg enjoys the color blue, he has a token from his mother that he keeps with him. It’s just a torn piece of cloth, but is dear to him. When the mood strikes him, he enjoys singing songs that he has heard from bards. This however, is rarely a good thing as it comes out guttural and usually sounds far more aggressive than it is. Thurg also, loves food. He is very large and it takes a lot to fill him up. If told to “eat as much as you would like”, the person that speaks that phrase should be ready to put their money where their mouth is.


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