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The City of Splendors. Waterdeep. It is one of the largest cities in the Forgotten Realms. It holds powerful people, wealthy merchants, magic of all types, love, loss, betrayal and heroes. Most important are the heroes. This is the story of a group of heroes. How they grow up, come together, break apart and save the lives of thousands. They too suffer loss and betrayal. They gain power and fame and delve deeply into their own identities and pasts. Separately their stories would have been short. Together they write a saga that the bards and loremasters will likely sing of forever.

And the story spins on. The first two acts of this story are now complete. The City of Waterdeep, beset by magical and natural afflictions, has been saved. The orc armies of the North have been soundly defeated. The Lords of Waterdeep have returned from captivity, albeit with the loss of three of their number. A new group has emerged as the champions of the city: The Dawn Warriors. And so they now bask in glory and fame, reaping the well deserved rewards accompanying such. But things are not completely settled. The third act, Homecoming, is beginning now. Some of our heroes have retired to slower pastimes. Some have taken on new responsibilities. Others have sins to atone for. And a handful prepare to launch themselves into the vortex, with an uncertain outcome. The story will continue.

The Orphans of Waterdeep

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